Peace, Paz, Frieden, Paix, etc.

Question: Sophia, I hear a lot of talk about peace, but in my lifetime, I haven’t seen much of it. Is it really within the realm of possibilities that we might enjoy peace on Earth?

Sophia: Indeed it is!

It must begin first with you. Are you at peace? Are there areas in your life where that is not the case? Then begin to heal those divisions now.

What you see outside is a reflection of what is within. You may doubt this, and we understand that, but open yourself up to peering a bit more deeply, if you would. Observe whether you are at peace in your interactions in your work place and with your close family and friend relationships. If not, what can you do differently? Here’s a clue…pay attention to your thinking. It is what leads you into behavior that is less than loving, less than reflective of peace.

And once you have that balance to the best of your abilities, allow your peaceful nature to resonate outwards to those around you. Let them wonder how you are doing and being this peaceful self—this beacon of light and calm amidst stormy waters. It well help them find that same peace within themselves. This is truly how it works, children. You are all connected! Have you heard that before? 😉

(Note from Maria: Sophia has taken to using emoticons!)

Love peace in all its forms, in all its languages, and claim it by loving yourself into that state of being. To quote one of your songs: Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now…

Thank you, dear ones. You are truly, deeply, completely loved.



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