Forgive Equally

As I continue my foray into A Course in Miracles (ACIM), I’m astounded to realize how many times during the day I’m presented with opportunities for forgiveness. Some of these seem to be pretty minor…forgiving some unkind thought I momentarily had about someone in traffic, for example; while others that appear to be big, fraught with reminders of past betrayals long held onto, loom large in my emotional residue but are no less and no more important to forgive. There’s no difference. The process of forgiveness applies equally because any time I’m not in a love vibration, anytime I’m holding on to separation, I’m not connected to God, and as I condemn another, silently or otherwise, it’s only myself I condemn, and only my own guilt of separation that I perpetuate.

So who heals here? I do. We do. And it’s all the same.

If you sense an invitation, look into A Course in Miracles. It’ll change your life and expand your mind, bringing you a taste of real peace, which you’ll want more of. And that’s a good thang…

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