Oh my goodness, I barely know where to go with my writing tonight. I’ve been taking A Course of Miracles to heart, and I feel myself being freed up in all kinds of ways. The Course and the two books I’ve read by Gary Renard have given me much to think about, and are helping me to look at things differently.

What a funny place this Earth is! If this really is all an illusion, what an elaborate one we’ve created! So while I’m here, how do I have more fun? How do I take what I see with my human eyes, and focus more on the cosmic joke of it all? Surely laughter is bubbling in me somewhere? I know it is actually.

Last week I was at Unity for Spiritual Cinema night, and my friend Uri was sitting next to me. We all watched a film together and were then led through a little exercise where we had to take paper and scissors and cut out a silhouette of ourselves, behind our backs. Well Uri came up with something very unique that was supposed to be a reflection of himself, and what he created had me rolling on the floor…bust a gut, red-faced, big horse grin hysteria! (I might have snorted a time or two.)

Can life please be like that more of the time? If I’m to be here, help me laugh more, Lord!



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Funny Smiling Horse

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.


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