Getting to Know the Akashic Records

Certainly I knew that things would change as I began my year-long teacher training and discovery into the Records. Helping others to know themselves in this way is turning out to be much more than I expected, and I’m learning lots about myself along the way.

When I first came across Linda Howe’s work, I thought I’d just buy her CDs, listen to them a bit, and incorporate them into my life in some small way. And that’s what I did for several months. Then one night I was sitting here at my computer and felt myself being drawn to the events page of her Akashic Studies site, and read that she was about to begin a teacher training. Such a rush of energy came over me that I knew I was being nudged to take the class.

But it’s coming too soon, I thought. And I don’t really have this budgeted. And it looks like all the rooms at the B&B are already taken, and besides, do I really need another certification? And why not just take a practitioner class instead of a year-long teacher training? It costs less!

I could barely get to sleep that night for all the energy running through me. Still, I kept coming up with a list of “why not” to do this.

The next morning I was still on fire about the class, so I emailed Linda Howe and lo and behold, heard back from her assistant, Christine, who set up a time for Linda and me to talk that night. I still wasn’t convinced that I wanted to do this but what was so great was that Linda wasn’t attached one way or the other. She certainly felt the fit was there, but she gave me no hard sell—just a genuine interest in me as a person and encouragement to do what I felt was right.

After another restless night, I went to my laptop and let Linda and Christine know that I’d attend the class. One by one, the barriers fell by the wayside. I realized I had enough frequent flyer miles for a couple of the trips, which I immediately booked. I was helped to find a roommate at the B&B—a hand reached out from a perfect stranger (and I couldn’t have picked a better roomie)! Every other “but” was as easily taken care of.

That’s how things have been rolling in my life ever since, as I explore this work every day, and state: Help me to know myself in the Light of the Akashic Records.

More to come…

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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