Warts and All

The Akashic Records are solidly real. When you enter into them from a place of prayer, a world of information and healing opens up. It’s done quite simply and lands you right in the heart of the Records, where insight, compassion, reverence, love and peace abide. You can do as I did and buy Linda Howe’s book (How to Read the Akashic Records) to begin learning about yourself in the arena that your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLOs) know you.

There are no questions too small or too big for the Records. If you want to know something, then simply ask. You’ll only be given information you’re ready to hear and see, and it can literally shed light on the reasons why you are struggling or in conflict in some way. But more importantly, you will be guided through levels in the Records that will lead you from information to illumination to resolution.

It’s practical in nature at the same time as it uses the higher connection with your Soul Self to reveal what you might consider doing in the particular situation you’re asking about. It helps you live more easily in the world, even as it becomes clear that you’re not tethered to it.

Nothing you have done in this life (or some other, for that matter) will show you to be anything except the pure Light of God who has temporary amnesia!

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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