Gift From Heaven

As many of you know from reading Dr. Pearl’s book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, there are six phrases that were spoken by over 50 of his chiropractic patients when the Reconnective Healing experiences were first starting. One of those six phrases is, “What you are doing is bringing light and information onto the planet.”

As my own relationship to the work continues to evolve, interesting things are occurring. One of the most remarkable has been the clear communication—information—that I am being given. This comes through primarily when I am in the midst of a healing session, or at least in a quiet state.

Many of you will remember me writing about the healing work I did with Big T, my sister-in-law’s mother. You’ll recall that she came out of a vegetative coma after three distance healing sessions—a totally impossible thing according to her doctors.

Yesterday my brother told me something that just came up with Big T’s estate, which was as a total surprise to him and his wife. This completely unexpected good news will make possible a long-time dream they have had to move their family out to the country. They haven’t hit the lottery exactly, but they have been given, through Big T’s love (and yes, her death), a chance to change their lives.

Last night as I was on the table in a healing session, I felt Big T’s presence with me. As clear as if a gust of wind had blasted my face, I knew she was here with me and we began a brief, but very moving “talk.”

I thanked Big T for taking care of my brother and his family and for making their dream a possibility. I was moved to tears that she loved them and had the presence of mind, in spite of her challenges, to think of their future, and conveyed to her how grateful I am that she made sure they’d be taken care of. I told her how much I loved them and that her daughter T loved her very much. Big T said “I loved her too. I still do.”

And then her presence left me.

I am always awestruck (breathless in fact) when such a “meeting” takes place. This is happening more and more and is a result, I am sure, of the evolution of my own Personal Reconnection. I sometimes worry that I will sound a little nuts when I talk about these things, but I can’t deny the truth of who I am and what I am experiencing as I work with Reconnective Healing. It just continues to grow stronger in me and is developing in truly surprising ways.

With the advent of things like “The Secret” coming into the mainstream through Oprah’s show, along with yesterday’s program featuring John Edwards, I am less hesitant to speak about things that may have the skeptics turning up their nose or rolling their eyes at me.

If these sorts of things can happen to someone who was so completely immersed in the 3-D corporate world for so long, they can happen to others. This is the truth of what is happening to me, and to some of my clients. Worlds are expanding and boundaries are melting.

We are reconnecting to ourselves, to the Earth, and to God Source. I don’t pretend to understand it all, but there’s no denying the shifts.


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