What’s It All About, Alfie?

There have been some interesting things happening in sessions lately. I don’t know what it means exactly, but it’s fascinating just the same.

What I’m noticing is that I can be working on someone and another person will benefit from the healing session. You’ll recall from a couple blogs ago that I have a client who received a passive healing while Dr. Pearl was working with a young girl.

Recently, I met a woman at one of Dr. Pearl’s Bay Area talks. I was sitting next to her and we started chatting and getting to know each other a bit. She decided to come see me for a session but asked if she could bring a friend along and if that friend, a healer herself, could observe.

Not used to an audience, I at first wasn’t sure how I felt about that but decided to trust that the other person’s presence wouldn’t rattle me or interfere with the client’s experience in any way.

Boy howdy! Not only did it not interfere, but I could tell while I was working with the client on the table that her friend on the couch was experiencing registers! I went about the session without focusing on what was happening to the friend and at the end of the session, as usual, I asked the client to tell me what she experienced. Once she finished describing the multiple layers of visual changes she went through, I turned to her friend on the couch.

She was sitting there wide-eyed and completely overwhelmed that she’d been experiencing anything at all. Turns out she has some of the very same physical challenges as the client, and felt like she’d gotten some sort of dramatic improvement while on the couch!

That brings me to thoughts about us all being connected, and that quantum physics can explain an experience outside of what the mind tells us would logically be possible. I’m certainly not the first to realize this, but I’m fascinated just the same with how sessions seem to be escalating in people experiencing a sense of connection…not just to themselves and the Universe or God, but to others. That gives me such great hope!

On Saturday I was working with someone from a distance (I’ll call her “G”) who was also having very profound visual experiences and a sense of something dark leaving her, in a rather forceful, visceral, healing manner. This was our second session together and both were visually very vivid.

About an hour later, just before beginning another distance session with a 2nd client I’ll call “S”, S called to tell me she’d been experiencing me working with G! And she doesn’t know G!

She proceeded to tell me what she saw in her mind’s eye, describing how I was sitting and what I was doing with my hands (and usually during a distance session, I’m laying on the table myself). S had been undergoing strong healing indicators for the past couple days since we initially chatted on the phone, without me “doing” a session. And she was in full “register” during the earlier session with G!

In her experience, S saw things that seemed to have to do with G’s life! When I later spoke with G to tell her about S’s experience, she wondered whether some of the visuals S was having were connected to her, because S didn’t recognize the people she was seeing in her mind’s eye and G believes she does!

I have witnessed such things when I’ve been in seminars with Dr. Pearl, but I didn’t expect this to happen to me, or better yet, through me. So it’s great to see that the work keeps evolving.

In a couple of weeks, a woman from Japan is coming to the Bay Area and will be receiving a session and her two day Reconnection from me. She has already had two wonderful experiences with healing sessions in Japan, but is honoring me by waiting to complete the work with me. She’s so excited about coming and just recently emailed me about bringing along a friend to observe. I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

I’ll be curious to see if a similar thing occurs. How interesting this all is!

Maria Benning

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., FPRH

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