God the Father/Mother

I’m in the second session of the Akashic Records teacher training in Chicago, to be completed in December. We did an exercise today in the Records where we asked our Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLOs) how we really view our Creator (as opposed to how we think we do). Those of you who’ve been following my work know that I’ve spent years deepening my relationship with the Divine, so imagine my surprise when the MTLOs showed me that I still view God as the one who doles out reward and punishment and gives love when I do something to earn it.

Naturally, this stems from my earliest influences including Mom, Dad and church, but to find myself at this stage in life still trying to be the good girl striving for approval and love was a real breakthrough (just ask my classmates who’ve seen me blubber a time or two this week!).

The good news is that, through Linda Howe’s guidance in the Records, I was able to realize that I chose the particular circumstances of this life in order to learn to receive Love. It’s my biggest lesson this go-round: that I am indeed worthy of Love and I need do nothing to earn it. It exists, and I can simply trust and accept it. Whether or not I do “spiritual work” or anything else doesn’t make a lick of difference. There’s nothing at all I have to do to be worthy because He knows me as the perfect Creation he brought forth into this world.

If you struggle in any way with feeling worthy, I hope that my breakthrough can becomes yours. Go into your Records and discover how your MTLOs understand your relationship to Source. Let them help you grow up, once and for all, and know that you are here because you serve God’s purpose. His Love is not something you have to earn. It’s just something you have to remember.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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