Why Care About Past Lives?

I’ve been asked the purpose of past lives being revealed in the Akashic Records, when our focus really ought to be living in the here and now. It’s because we’re not fully living in the present that we even go to the Records. Something within our experience is showing up as a problem that we seem unable to resolve and move past. When we open up the Records, we receive information that helps us see and release whatever issue brought us there in the first place.

It isn’t always the case that a past life will be revealed, but when it is, it’s given through Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLOs) for our edification, but more importantly, to help us permanently heal. This may take more than one foray into the Records to accomplish, but each journey gets us one step closer, and the way that manifests is in the problem having less and less of a “charge” on us. What comes in its place is a greater sense of peace…healing, in essence.

Whether or not I can prove the past life information that the MTLOs reveal in the Records doesn’t really matter. What matters is that whatever they choose to reveal actually frees us to the point that our presenting concern becomes a non-issue. It may not change the external circumstance, but it can certainly change our distress about it.

So bottom line? If a past life is playing a role on a present-life issue, and knowing something about that life will help us heal today, then we will be shown the information. Otherwise, it doesn’t come up. But something else more pertinent surely will.

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©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.
Certified Healing Practitioner


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