I Loose You, Dear One

Among its many definitions, to loose means: to render less firmly fixed; to lessen an attachment.

We heal when we loose someone.

We’ve heard it in many different ways, haven’t we, including songs that encourage us to “set them free” (our loved ones, that is). Situations of contrast help us to learn and grow and as unpleasant as things may be in certain situations, they are nonetheless wonderful opportunities to come to terms with schisms inside ourselves.

When I experience something in my life that has me mired in worry and fear, there lies the perfect opportunity to heal some split part of myself which has temporarily forgotten to trust. In this case, where I am worried about a loved one, I get to choose whether to stay in that condition or to release and trust that he is responsible for creating his own way. And I, by choosing to stop worrying, by allowing God and the Angels to carry that burden from me, reflect my own wholeness through the peace of mind that replaces the fear, and the unconditional love that embodies heart-centered trust.


I loose you, my love
so that I am set free
And create an opening
for you to do so more easily.

But should you choose
the harder route
I trust you to learn
what your life is about.

Yet when I envision
your future as a man
I know that you surely
are part of God’s plan.

May you awaken and see
the divinity inside
And create for yourself
a much smoother ride.

The choice is yours
and it’s also mine
So I loose us both
to the arms of the Divine.

I loose you, my love
so that I am set free
And create an opening
for us simply to BE.



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