Causing Disturbance?

Question: Sophia, when I offer up a healing for someone, whether they’re a paying client or not, is there any way I’m creating an opening for something harmful?

Sophia: Remember your role here, child. You are offering yourself up, your physical and spiritual being, to act as a catalyst for change. You do not create the change in the other and you are not responsible for it. It is, in fact, quite honoring that you allow yourself to be utilized by the Universe in this way. But as you know, you’re not doing anything!

You are disturbed because the recipient has interpreted a response in a particular way. That is your ego reacting. Be at peace. You were in integrity when you spent your time focused on the other’s session, and you did your job.

There is a wisdom to the unfolding of her particular session, which you are not able to see from your vantage point. You have a slight glimpse, but your bruised feelings are yet standing in the way. It’s not about you!

We love you deeply, daughter. And we are here to tell you to continue doing what you are doing…with relish!

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