Kundalini Top Ten

I heard from quite a few people following my last post about the kundalini awakening experience. Considering its sometimes jarring effects, I offer my top ten list.

10. You’ve never experienced this before, so it’s perfectly understandable to be confused. You’re not making it up and no one gave you a “how to” manual. Cut yourself some slack.

9. What was once your solid “reality” is temporarily shifting, but you really are seeing differently, hearing profoundly, and feeling with a new sense.

8. Be selective about who you share this with, at least in the early stages. There’s no reason to tell everyone every detail, but you need an ally you can be truthful with. You deserve a respectful, listening ear, and you know within your circle of friends, who that is.

7. Realize that the boundaries you always assumed were there are not, and so maybe some of those things you thought you could never do or be, might not be real either. Imagine new possibilities.

6. Let it all out by putting your experiences on paper. Write them down so that when things are a bit calmer, you will more objectively see the journey you were on and you’ll have some compassion for how far you’ve come.

5. Phew! Take a deep breath. No, really. Use a long inhalation and a long exhalation while you tap your cortices. This simple technique will help ground you and leave you feeling more balanced.

4. Get thee outdoors. Nature is a wonderful balm. Take off your shoes and let your tootsies feel the earth. Stand still for a few moments and connect with the energy of the planet to solidly ground you in your body. Enjoy this time of heightened awareness and allow the beauty of nature to calm you.

3. Do you have a small child in your family or circle of friends? Be in their company and let them show you how to play. Children can make a toy of practically anything; they’re so creative. You are as well. That’s partly what’s happening here…your creativity is being reborn.

2. Laughter really is the best medicine. Guffaw, snort, shriek without inhibition. You know what tickles your funny bone, and if that feels like a stretch just now, try watching a comedy or reading a lighthearted book. Better yet, be with people you can laugh freely with. Giggle with glee, my friend.

1. Dance with abandon. Moving your body to joyous music can help shake loose some of this energy. Follow up with a long soak in a warm bath as you sink into relaxation. If the tears come, let them flow. Watch as your burdens wash away, never to return. Sleep for as long as your body requires.

And now for this brief station identification…

©Maria K. Benning

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