It is Well with My Soul

Sophia, I’ve heard that statement before. It’s certainly what I aspire to feel, but sometimes, if I’m being really honest, it’s not so well with my soul.

SOPHIA: Truth be told, daughter, it is always well with your Soul. Your ego? Well that’s another matter entirely. You see, you still confuse your identity with the body, which definitely is not you.

I understand that this is difficult to comprehend when you are feeling stressed, but if you will allow me, I will wrap my wings of comfort around you and remind you of the Truth. You cannot get there by trying to figure it out with a disturbed ego mind. It just doesn’t work that way. And once you realize, to the core of your Being, that your ego mind is always going to disturb you, then you stop giving it any credence at all.

Certainly, there are human circumstances which are distressing, but they have nothing to do with your real identity. We in the angelic realms know you for the perfection of peace you are. It’s you who have let your addled mind lead you astray. Take back the reins. Go within and know your Godliness. Close your eyes, breathe into your heart, and be still.

Ahhhh! There we are…

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.


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