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Question: Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, when doing Akashic Record readings for others, I often get asked by clients what their life purpose is. Many have shared that if they only knew why they were here, they might finally know happiness. It’s a question I used to think had one profound answer, based on what it is we’re here to do with our time and how we might best serve God through our daily work. Given that it’s a burning question for so many folks I meet, can you talk about life purpose and what it means for us as individuals?

Answer: Certainly it’s the case that you are all here to serve in some way, but there’s not one magical answer. And what is true about what you’re here to do at a particular point in time can change in a heartbeat.

Furthermore, it is through your heartbeat that you can learn to tap into something greater than your external circumstances. By focusing quiet attention on your heart, the real seat of power within the body, you can consciously discern the highest choices for your daily decisions, helping you to live more flexibly and in trust. Change is not your enemy. In fact, it is the willingness to let go of your set patterns that will lead you to feeling fulfilled and on your purpose, which if anything, is to remember the perfection you are.

But so many of you spend your days trying to prove us wrong…showing the world all the ways in which you are incomplete, fractured, flawed, masked, and imprisoned. You have bought into the illusion that you are a problem that needs fixing. Yet we say instead, that there is nothing wrong with you. Your perfection lies buried deep within, camouflaged and scarred over, but it’s there just the same. Once you truly remember that, once you awaken from the dream, you will have found your purpose fulfilled and you will share your gifts with the world, rather than your pain.

There is nothing wrong with you. There is only love.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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