What is Security?

Question: Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, in my work with clients, I hear their fears and concerns about how unstable life feels. They struggle with financial challenges, are isolated and cut off from others, lack energy and vitality in their physical bodies, worry about our planet, and in some cases, have lost all hope. Is it even possible to experience real security, given the transitory, often chaotic state of things?

Answer: Yes, indeed, it is possible if you know Source and understand where your security lies. We would never deny your human experiences nor judge you for them, and so we suggest you pay attention to where you are doing so. Certainly, some experiences are more enjoyable than others, but regardless of what is happening in your life or on the planet, you are loved by God and cherished as His perfect creation. It can only be thus.

In the zone between lifetimes, this is what you know.

And filled with great love for your Creator, you choose incarnations that are sometimes easy, sometimes a bit daunting, and even sometimes completely perplexing in their difficulty, when looked at through human eyes. But there is purpose to your choice…to your life…and it is to claim that the Kingdom of God is at hand, through you. Despite the story of your circumstances, you can awaken and remember that the Love of God is your inheritance. When you sustain that truth more consistently, day by day…when it happens automatically no matter what may be taking place, you are security personified.

We are here to help…to shine a light through the cloud of illusion, so that what’s uncovered is God’s reflection of You.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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