Question: What is the solution to loneliness?

Sophia: It is simply your connection within. I, Sophia, partner to God the Father, beseech you to remember who YOU are. In that remembering, there is no space for loneliness. There is only, and purely, peace and everlasting love.

When your thoughts turn to what you lack, to what you are doing without, this vibration of loneliness takes over. It festers and grows and creates more of the same. It has nothing to do with who you ARE. It is borne of the mind, tears at your heart, and leaves you under the false illusion that you are an island unto yourself. Nothing could be further from the truth.

FEEL our presence with you, children. We are never gone from you and it is our joy to help you remember this truth. When you came forth into this incarnation, it was in celebration with the family you call home. We are still with you and now is the time to remember how we feel, this vibration of home…there…in your heart. Connection is continually present.

It is simply your mind that plays these tricks on you.

Turn your attention within. Let the light that shines inside you, put there by God, illuminate your divinity and help you see that we are with you…so many of us…with you.



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