One of The Ten Commandments

Question: Of the ten commandments given to Moses, one stipulates, “Honor thy Father and Mother.” I have a feeling there’s more to this than meets the eye. Can you explain its significance?

Sophia: Indeed. This commandment is a reflection of Source, from where you originate. The earthly embodiment of your parents and the dictate to honor them is a direct reflection of your relationship with God, with Divine Mother and Almighty Father.

It is, in fact, a wake up call, if you should so choose to listen to its pure intent. Your purpose on Earth is to remember who you are, to wake up to your divinity and to honor, through your life’s works, the Creator, embodied with both masculine and feminine energy and reflected in each of you on the planet.

Your first opportunity to remember your higher self is through the reflection shown you by your parents. In the purest essence of this relationship, you are borne of love and celebrated as a continuation of the Divine.

Many of you are remembering.

God as a punitive father figure is not a true reflection of the Divine, but rather, the balance of all that is holy in men and women is. Before you enter into an incarnation and choose the circumstances of your birth, the highest essence of your parents plays a critical role in that decision, for agreement is required from each of you, in advance. At that moment in the universal plan, pure love and creation are at play.

When Moses was gifted with the Ten Commandments, he understood clearly what was meant by honoring the Mother and Father. It is only through the editorializing of your church leaders that the true meaning has changed. It remains a wise commandment, but you would be better served to take a grander view and to remember that God, Source, the Creator, is a perfect combination of masculine and feminine spirit, and at its most basic level, is who you are.

Honor thy Mother and Father, for they are one and the same…sparks of the Creator, the essence of home, where you belong and are always at peace.



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