Love Like No Other

I am blessed with Mother Love. It’s a love unlike any other, that reaches deep into me and helps me feel comforted, cradled, and at ease.

20 years ago today, my mother died unexpectedly. Our relationship wasn’t easy (to put our story mildly), but at the time she died, it was changing into a more balanced one between friends. I was learning who she was and where she came from, because she had started sharing that with me; and I understood her somewhat better and forgave much of what had taken place between us when I was growing up. That’s one of the reasons why it was particularly hard to let her go, because we were clearing new ground and learning to love each other.

For years after, I yearned to feel her presence with me, but never did. I’d hear stories of people having encounters with loved ones who had passed on, but never knew what that felt like. Once, I do recall dreaming about her and waking up with wet eyes, feeling like she had somehow briefly reached across the divide, but it left me wanting more.

As the time passed, my father moved on, having allowed his grief its natural progression, and met a wonderful woman who became my stepmother. I didn’t make it easy on her at first, coming from my state of raw, unprocessed loss, but she was patient with me. Judy has become very dear to me on so many levels, and I love the way she mothers me. I’m extremely grateful to have her in my life and beyond grateful for the way she loves my dad.

When I was ill in 2004 and began my incredible awakening following a miraculous distance Reconnective Healing, one of the earliest encounters in Spirit form was my mother. The first time it happened, I was alone in my bed sobbing from the pain, praying to die. It’s hard to describe what happened, but I felt my mother enter into the room and cradle me like a baby. I literally felt her arms around me, and she rocked me as the infant she loved. Years of grief washed away.

In 2006, I first began communicating with the Divine Mother, Sophia. She came over and through me with an immense shower of unconditional love, and I was again healed. That’s the love vibration I attempt to share with you—the unconditional love of the Mother…in its highest, purest, sweetest form.

If you’ve ever felt like a motherless child, I invite you to allow Sophia into your life. Feel her love for you—her healing embrace—and allow her to rock your tears away.

Painting by Kathleen Ball 

Certified Healing Practitioner

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