Many Adverbs, One Result

Lately I’ve been focusing on really understanding and feeling gratitude. It’s a natural outcome of my work with the Hathors, whom I came to know in the early days following my Reconnective Healing, and then through Tom Kenyon’s work. They have quite a sense of humor as they deliver their messages, and perhaps you’ll be drawn to make friends with them as well.

Here’s a bit of their wisdom…

The Hathors: So many of you are reaching out to the unseen world for assistance. While more and more of you are able to feel our presence, some of you are beginning to see a softening in the edges of your vision field. Not only can you feel our presence in the room with you, but you’re discovering that your eyes can also assist with communication. This will only increase.

We have many things to share with you but one is especially important: the most profound and helpful state you can cultivate is that of gratitude. The key is to return to that feeling no matter what is going on in your life at any moment. Each time you find yourself going a little haywire emotionally, remember as quickly as you can, the feeling of gratitude. Just turn your attention to your heart, breathe some life into the area, and feel thankful, grateful, blessed, appreciative, lucky, fortunate, gifted, cared for, loved, connected and just so darn happy!

We know that there are circumstances which seem dark, dense, and difficult (to say the least), but you can most easily stop reeling from their effects by cultivating gratitude. If this were your only meditative practice, how much easier your life would be.

Grateful are we, for you…

Billy, Bob & Betty (as we affectionately call ourselves)

Akashic Record Classes

The Records are a practical, accessible resource that make daily life more understandable and enjoyable. The 2011 Calendar shows which classes are being taught where. With successful completion of the Beginning Class, you’ll be a certified practitioner through the Center for Akashic Studies. Sunday Foundation Classes deepen your abilities and include either Energy Healing, Past Lives or Ancestral Healing. In addition, there’s a Sunday Advanced Topic option called Earth’s Akashic Record. If you’d like to enjoy these classes with your friends and in your own hometown, see the Calendar page.

Holistic Chamber of Commerce

The Austin Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC) meets for the first time at noon on Tuesday, October 12th, at Unity Church of the Hills on Anderson Mill Road. Bring your lunch, learn more about successful marketing, and meet others in the field who are ready to take their business to the next level.

The HCC is a growing, thriving network of holistic professionals, practitioners and businesses created to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle, and support the professionals and businesses that make holistic living possible. Do you want to network & collaborate with like-minded professionals & entrepreneurs? This is where to do that.

Michael Abedin, publisher of Austin All Natural, is our guest speaker in November and Lynn Scheurell, Creative Catalyst, will present at December’s meeting.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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