Wondrous Light

Yesterday I spent a lovely day with my friend, Sharon. Both of us were in need of a getaway, and respite from our recent hectic schedules. We made the long drive from Austin to Lost Maples, talking the whole way, and then hiked around the park, thoroughly enjoying that we were way out of the city and deep in nature.

As we were leaving the park, the clouds started changing and working their way toward storminess. Driving back home through this gorgeous area of our state, the sun was setting in my rear view mirror and just a short while into our return journey, the light began to bathe the hills in the most unusual color I’d ever seen.

Sharon kept saying how surreal everything looked, which is a pretty good word to describe what we were seeing (and I wish I had a photo of that to show you), but we were literally awestruck. The light was a soft rust color with a definite tinge of pink to it, and everything in its path was immersed in this heavenly glow.

I’ve seen beautiful sunsets before…many, many times. But this had a quality that caused us to repeatedly exclaim at the wondrous way it made us feel, simply by being witness to something so stunning.

We live on an extraordinary planet. And sometimes, the normal, everyday experiences that we take for granted are reflected in a new way to help us remember that it really is a blessing to be alive…and we’re alive because our planet supports us. I’m grateful for that lovely reminder in the form of an exceptional sunset.

And God said, let there be Light…and it was good.

Holistic Chamber of Commerce-Austin

Next meeting is Tuesday, November 9th. Our fabulous guest speaker will be Michael Abedin, Editor and Publisher of Austin All Natural. More info and RSVPs on the Meetup page.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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