Mercury Retrograde

Ever feel like you’re riding the waves of nearly unbearable choppy seas? I’m with you! Whew!

I don’t normally pay much attention to the whole Mercury retrograde thing, but a friend mentioned it to me today and it has me wondering if there’s something we can do to ameliorate (improve) some of the influences so that the ride’s a little smoother?

So here’s what I’m hearing from the Angelic realms:

The Collective: Dear Ones, the best thing you can do for yourselves is to use the time wisely and know that this will pass. During these times of heightened chaos, take matters into hand and “clean house” as it were. Those things you have been ignoring that are nonetheless niggling at you (the to do list that never ends!) can be taken care of now. One by one, release the energy that is dammed up from having ignored these things for so long, and be freed from their influence. It may seem a small thing to organize the garage, but it actually has quite a profound affect.

On an emotional level, there is progress to be gained by reviewing those areas in your life where you are dissatisfied, and by understanding that while now may not be the right time to make a radical change, you can begin to prepare for when the timing is more appropriate. For example, if you have been complaining for years about your job and you absolutely hate what you do and where you are, spend some time reviewing why that is. Dream the dream of unlimited possibilities and put pen to paper as you bring them into form. When the chaotic and stressful vibration releases back into ease (and it will), you will know what you really want and can begin to look for that.

This is an opening to free yourself. If you regularly “clean house,” then these times when things appear to move backward, such as during a planetary retrograde, will be less of a struggle for you. But do not feel like you have to do it all at once. Be gentle with yourself during the process. Even one small task that you finally address can energetically make room for something more supportive to show up in its place.

These are the times when you can help one another to face the elephant in the room. Perhaps you have a friend who is particularly good at something that you are not. Not everyone has organizational skills, for example. Ask for and allow others to assist you. Then return the favor by offering something you’re more qualified to do.

Take action, but do so within the natural ebb and flow of your energy and that of the planet you live on. In every time of what appears to be chaos, there is stillness at the heart.

And so remember yours…

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.


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