They Came & Went

I enjoy sitting on my balcony, soaking up the peace and quiet as I read a book. I live on the 3rd (top) floor of an apartment complex surrounded by beautiful live oaks, and from my private little perch I get to see right into the treetops. One of the benefits of this vantage point is that I come across birds I have never seen before at ground level.

Yesterday I was introduced to the Carolina Chickadee. The ones I saw were about four inches long and their black and white coloring was easy to discern among the green leaves of the tall oak in front of me. I enjoyed the stark contrast of their markings as they foraged for food, and was enchanted by their sweet singing.

(©Arthur Morris)

These birds are social beings that tend to stay in family groups, helping each other to find food, protect one another, and thrive. They are a cohesive species, much like us in our natural state. We do need each other no matter how much we pride ourselves on our independence, and there are events that inevitably bring us back into the fold. The death of a family member is one of them and yesterday it was my Uncle Wes who left his weary body behind, bringing us closer again in our common experience of grief. Knowing that his Spirit is soaring high, yet grateful for the years we had him in bodily form, we draw more closely together in support of one another so that the remaining members continue to thrive and sing their song.

Gone, yes, but never forgotten…

©Maria K. Benning

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