Mighty Mouse Saves the Day!

I realize I’m dating myself (can I actually date myself?), but when I was a kid I used to watch cartoons, and Mighty Mouse was one of my favorites. Mighty Mouse always saved the day. There was a lot of power in that little package!

I’ve been slowly (the better to savor you, my dear) reading Michael Beckwith’s book, Spiritual Liberation. Here’s a quote: “We are not here to ‘save’ the world, but to serve an emerging paradigm of love, connectedness, and generosity of heart.” That’s what I see happening in full bloom. Everywhere I look, I see people opening their hearts and simply sharing the love they are.

I’ve gotten to know some really wonderful people in the last few years, many of you right here on Facebook. Every time one of you shares the love you are, I feel my own love grow to match you. And the wonderful thing is, this takes no effort. I don’t have to run around looking for ways to save you or the world (or be saved by you), I can just be who I am, allow my expanding heart to be free, and revel in the relationship that flourishes between us.

In that space of expansion, I may indeed be attracted to doing “good works” to affect healing in some way, but it’s not out of a need to save anyone. What I can choose to do is simply bring my vibration into a situation and do what I can to be of service. And that happens through relating to you.

For those of you who know about Mighty Mouse, you’ll remember that the cartoon was scored with really evocative music that reeked of success (dun ta da dah!). I hear it now as the love in my heart emerges to wrap itself around all of you.

Let your heart expand within your chest, and hear that victory music as you reveal the mighty one you are!

Healing Facilitator


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