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I first heard about Robert (Bob) Stevens and Mastery Systems following a Reconnective Healing conference in ’06. A stranger at a restaurant in Santa Fe struck up a conversation with me and within minutes was talking about Mastery Systems. Because of his enthusiasm, I did a bit of research when I returned home and then ordered Bob’s CDs, “Conscious Language 101.” Last night I enjoyed watching Bob demonstrate the power of language and its ability to transform not only the person at the front of the room, but the entire audience.

Bob helps us become conscious of the words and body language we use in order to shift into higher states of awareness and balance—to effect true healing and transformation. For example, he talks about the disempowering results of using words like want, need, shoulda, coulda, etc. and suggests instead that we use words like I create, I choose, I will, I can, I am. He has a whole host of suggestions for paying attention to our thoughts and spoken words. Try if on for size: imagine that there is something particular you imagine having, and in reference to that, say “I think I…” and feel the energy of that in your body. Now say, “I choose (or I claim)…” and feel that for a moment.

Bob says what he does is help us remember conscious language…that it’s already in our heart. Whew! That takes some of the pressure off and brings in an aspect of ease as we learn to upgrade our language. Even though I studied and implemented conscious language quite directly some years ago, I noticed last night how I had slipped into old patterns, and am grateful for the reminder to be and act with greater awareness. Words matter!

The most beautiful experience I had last night was that whenever someone volunteered to be at the front of the room with Bob (a veritable “hot seat” from a standing position), we in the audience were encouraged to vote victory for that person. Bob led volunteers to greater awareness by discussing their use of words and body language and encouraging them to reach for truer meaning and more empowering words. Each person up front reflected our own limiting ways of relating to ourselves and the world. It’s not easy to stand in front of a group of people you don’t know and expose yourself in such a deep way, yet those repeated reminders to vote victory for that person were a commitment to do so for ourselves.

Just imagine if we were to continually and consciously do that for each other. What a difference that will make! I choose to do that now: I vote victory for you, my friend. I vote victory for myself.

As my friend Eva says, to your outrageous success!

Healing Facilitator


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