No Expectations, Miraculous Results

Yesterday I spent some time with an old friend from high school named Mike, and his wonderfully wacky, witty wife, Jackie (sounds like I’m channeling Elmer Fudd there, doesn’t it?!).

Mike has suffered enormously over the last few years with a degenerative spine condition, and has had multiple surgeries in addition to surgeries he went through for carpal tunnel syndrome. He has been in constant pain and is very troubled by peripheral neuropathy in his feet. The only shoes he can wear are sandals. A neck brace has been his fashion statement.

Jackie has her own challenges, and in particular, has had major problems with her knees. She’s had four knee surgeries already and she’s still a young woman! Before I arrived, her knees were really bothering her.

Though skeptical (especially Jackie!), they allowed me to give them each a Reconnective Healing session and the results were astounding. For the first time in three years, Mike can wear closed shoes. He was like a little kid, looking down at his topsiders and amazed by the sight. He was kicking around a golf ball like it was a soccer ball, and barely believed what he was able to do.

Incredibly, he no longer has back pain and has decided not to have planned surgery to remove the H-shaped piece of metal from his lower back (placed there to fuse his bones together). While I was working with Jackie, he was outside in the yard, moving his body, turning and bending his back in ways he hasn’t been able to for much longer than he cares to remember!

Jackie, too, had wonderful results. She went into such a deep state of relaxation and rest–something she said she is not able to do at all. And her knees are no longer causing her pain!

Right after I arrived home last night, Mike called me in tears, completely overwhelmed by the changes in him, and so grateful. He told me how despondent he has been and that he told Jackie on several occasions that she should not have to bear the burden of taking care of him.

All I felt while doing the work was love. Mike and I have known each other since we were 15 and it pains me to see him suffering. And I can’t help but love his wife Jackie because of how much she obviously loves him and takes care of him. That was the energy of what was going on there yesterday. And I felt healing for myself as the work was happening.

What an honor. What a privilege. What FUN!

Maria Benning

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., FPRH

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