No Questions

Sophia, instead of a question, I’d like to simply thank you for the many gifts and the ongoing reminders of our connection, of Source’s presence in my life.

Sophia: As you sit in your beautiful room, listening to beautiful music that pleases so many of your senses, it’s natural for gratitude to arise and fill your heart. But this has been a day of many reminders for all that you have to be grateful for, for what you are seeing is that you have so many options in your life. And whichever direction you take, you are being supported. Community has found its place in your life again, and your light grows stronger though connection with your fellow beings.

We know that even when you feel and know our presence, it is natural for you to want the company of other humans. But you see, it is precisely because you realize how far from alone you are, that you now settle into comfortable and encouraging companionship with others. It is a sign that you are truly understanding that all is connected…that what supports your light is inter-connectedness. First you must find that within and then when you are secure in knowing yourself, you can more easily be with others. One by one, change happens on the planet, through your focus within. This is not selfish. It is self-love. And once that has been achieved, you can spread your heart’s joy to others.

We are grateful for our part in helping you feel the peace of God’s love, and we encourage you to enjoy more! There is an abundant, universal horn of plenty (in this time of Thanksgiving) from which to nourish yourself. And so you have. And so it is.

Blessed be the children. And you are all my children.

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