These Economic Times

Question: Soon our new U.S. president will be tasked with many challenges. In the midst of great fear, even hysteria about our economy, our government’s response to these challenges (the bailouts), and repercussions on the global community, what can you share with us about these times?

Sophia: Children, these occurrences have a greater purpose than may be readily apparent. If you have followed our words, you know that we continually bring the focus back to the individual…to being in balance yourself before expecting your outer world to reflect balance.

And so it is with these economic times. This chaotic situation you have created can linger painfully, or it can be met with the highest creativity and potential for positive outcome, if you collectively intend for it to be so. But first clean up your own house.

Where, right now, can you make changes to bring more harmony into your life? Where is your spending out of proportion to your income? This is not a time to clamp down and bring your economy to a grinding halt, but neither is it the time for continued waste and rampant, thoughtless consumerism. The Universe has an ebb and a flow, represented by the yin/yang symbol of balance, and if would be wise for you to reflect upon its meaning as you reflect upon your own life. What changes can you make to be at peace with what is happening around you?

If you spend your hours reading the financial news and listening to endless hysteria in your mass media, do you think that does anything to create more peace within? Your very marketplaces scream their stress and fear across the trading room floor. Goodness, what an odd way to generate wealth! Where is the sanity in your marketplace? Imagine if you will, what the insides of your financial traders must look like under that barrage of ongoing stress. You are intelligent beings…find a better way. Do not let smoke and mirrors continue to cloud your vision.

You have been given an intelligent mind that can be harnessed for great things, when led by your loving hearts. But it is the heart that absolutely must be engaged as you seek solutions to the myriad of problems you face. And most importantly, you would do well to cultivate gratitude for all you do have.

Count your blessings. Know that the U.S. is rich beyond the dreams of many across the globe, and what is happening truly is a way of bringing the world into greater harmony. There are enough resources for everyone, but you must use your gifts wisely. The U.S. has a greater responsibility, given those resources, to lead with love and intelligence.

Do not mistake the simplicity of our request for personal balance and focus on gratitude and love, as pointless advice. For even one day only, commit to being in balance. In everything you do for that one day, lead with your heart and do only that which supports you and your fellow man/woman/child. Try it for just one short day. Turn off the TV, do not pay attention to the hysteria, and remind yourself throughout the day that you are blessed beyond measure, and feel profoundly grateful. Use your creative mind to make decisions that are in your highest good, and whenever you are required to decide anything that affects another, do so from a place of love. For one day…

And if you wake up the day after and realize that things have improved, do it again. Let your emotional heart be your guide and use your intelligent mind to take action about that which is strongly seeking a return to balance. As chaotic as things may appear, there is a purpose to what is taking place. You can either perpetuate the imbalances or focus within and be at peace there first, then take action that is loving, intelligent, and creative. Blessed are the peacemakers…

And so it is.



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