Only Prayer

I’ve tried everything I know to do, but sometimes the only thing left to help someone in need is prayer. But that’s a great option to have.

A couple of gal pals of mine (both named Donna) from my high school days in Germany are having  a rough go of it with cancer. I really do wish, at times like these, that I had an honest to goodness magic wand. I’d just wave that thing a few times  and with a dramatic flick of my wrist and a incantation starting with “abracadabra,” whole, healthy and complete they’d be. But as much as I’ve looked for it, that wand continues to elude me.

So I’ll settle for the next best thing…being part of a prayer circle of friends who have come together on behalf of the Donna’s. It gives me great joy to be together with my old buddies in this way. We were such close friends when we lived on a military base in Karlsruhe during high school, and while most of us haven’t seen each other in years, we’ve happily reconnected through Facebook. We all seem to take it pretty personally, that cancer has had the nerve to hassle our friends, so we’re giving this prayer circle all we’ve got…coz we believe in miracles and we’d be delighted to see one or two in action right about now.

All prayers are welcome.  That’s one of the Donna’s on the far left (and yes, that’s me on the far right). Her sister Jeanette is in the middle. In advance, thank you for taking a few moments to add my friends to your list…Donna G. and Donna T. Just so you can keep them straight!

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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