Hoax to Hallelujah!

This weekend I taught the Beginning Akashic Records class to a lovely group of women, most of whom I met through Unity Church of the Hills here in Austin. Friday night and into early morning Saturday, one of the participants was not having any noticeable distinction of being in the Records, and thought perhaps that the class was a hoax and waste of money.

Because the Records don’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, it can sometimes be confusing about whether something is really happening. Having taught this class several times now, I knew that if she could just hang in there until we got to the stage in the class on Saturday where students partner up to begin to read each other’s Records, chances were she’d soon clearly discern a difference. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. In fact, by the end of the class, everyone wanted a personal reading from her!

I trusted that my student would find her way into relationship with her Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, and it was great to see her (and her fellow students) do just that as they profoundly transformed along the way. I have such a lot of fun teaching this class and watching students succeed, that it inspires me to keep reaching out to more and more people so they might learn to do this for themselves.

To that end, I am offering a free one hour teleclass as an introduction to the Akashic Records. This is for those of you who are pretty new to the topic and simply wish to learn more. If you through my site and include “AR call 6/21″ in the subject line, you’ll receive the call in number and a link to the slide show before class starts at 8:00 pm CST on June 21st. Feel free to let your friends know. During the call, I’ll discuss the history of the Akashic Records, who some of its prominent teachers are, references in scripture, what this realm is and is not, how to learn to read for yourself and others, and more. We’ll have time for a Q&A as well.

In the meantime, meet the latest group of happy, shiny people—Austin’s newly certified Akashic Record practitioners.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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