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Someone I worked with a few weeks ago spoke to her friend about me and I received a call from this friend asking for a distance session. But it wasn’t for herself—it was for her husband, Roy. I don’t know what the man’s health challenges are, specifically, I just know that he is having a hard time working while feeling the way he is.

Roy did not know I was doing a session with him and his wife doesn’t plan to tell him. She feels strongly that he would not instigate a Reconnective Healing on his own, and so, out of love for him, she asked that I do what I can.

I like what Dr. Pearl says in his book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself: “…you can only offer a healing, you can’t inflict a healing. Permission, therefore, is automatically requested as part of the act of offering. The healing, as it comes to fruition, is the permission being granted. So whether the person is a conscious recipient, such as someone who phones you for an appointment, or an individual who may not be able to make a conscious choice at the time, offering a healing, either verbally or in the silence of your own thought, is always appropriate. Both its acceptance and the form it takes are done with that person’s highest good in mind.”

And in that frame of mind (and heart), Roy’s wife requested a healing on his behalf, and I gladly became the conduit.

This was the most intense distance session I’ve experienced to date (and that’s saying something!). I laid on my massage table, thought about Roy, and my body immediately starting jerking heavily as my hands were filled with Reconnective energy. I thought I’d propel myself off the table! My head jerked in that up and down nodding movement that I underwent when I was deep in the throes of my own healing.

Interestingly, as if there were a bar my feet were against, and while my back was supported by the table, my body pushed back and forth in a mini squat-like motion. This was not something I was doing. I clearly wasn’t in control!

I often feel overheated during a session, but I was overwhelmed by heat that had a quality I’d not felt before, mostly around my head and chest, to the point where it was a bit uncomfortable (and it’s quite cool here now!). My eyes were closed but what I saw was such a brilliant white light, not even close to what I experience on even the blindingly sunniest California day. It had a presence and warmth to it that I can only call God energy, and as tears started to trickle from my eyes, I felt such a connection to Roy at a soul level.

I don’t know what was happening with Roy—he had planned to come home from work to nap during the time I was doing the session, so he was likely asleep. But it was a profound experience for me. I can only hope it was for him as well.

Time will tell…

Maria Benning

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., FPRH

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