This I Know…

Yesterday I worked with a lovely fellow named Paul. I had given him two previous distance sessions but he decided to see me in-person for his third Reconnective Healing session. Paul’s interested in becoming a Reconnective Healer himself, and he wanted to see if there would be a difference from the distance work he’d received.

As usual, when the session was completed, we talked about what he experienced as he lay on the table. I took notes and didn’t say much as he spoke, being careful not to analyze what he’d gone through. But as he was preparing to leave, he said to me, “I am different. I know this.”

Paul had two interesting healings involving people he knew as a foster child. One was his foster father, whom he saw in his mind’s eye, younger and happier than he ever remembered him. The other was his foster sister, now deceased. In his vision, she was younger and combed his hair—an intimate, loving moment between them that left a deep sense of peace between them.

What do such visions during a healing session mean? I can’t say for sure, but Paul knows that something profound occurred, because, as he said, he is now different.

Sometimes a healing changes you on such a deeply personal level—on am emotional and spiritual dimension that is difficult to describe but unmistakably transformative.

Reconnective Healing can bring a sense of peace and ease into your life that you never knew was possible. It can change who you are in an instant—erasing the impact of trauma, pain and suffering in the blink of an eye.

Ain’t that a kick?!

Maria Benning

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., FPRH

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