Real Beauty

Question: In the U.S. and in many other cultures, we are so focused on the way someone looks physically. It can leave one feeling “less than”. Sophia, would you speak about beauty?

Sophia: When one is lit from within, there is beauty. The outer becomes rather irrelevant but what will manifest is a more beautiful you, regardless of your physical appearance, and that will be and is very attractive. It is all about how you are vibrating.

When you are in full harmony with your highest self, when you are communicating from a soul perspective, that is, when you know yourself to be the Godly manifestation in physical form and you relate from that state of knowingness, you become your most beautiful self. It is inevitable!

And what a joy to bring your beautiful self into relationship with another who is also in remembrance of her beautiful self. It’s catching…this high, vibrating, shimmering beauty. It feels good, it draws others to you who also wish to feel good, and it creates an energy field of individuals who are all connected at their highest level, which raises the vibration of the planet! When you remember who you are, light and love shine forth without limitation, and if you have the courage to let that be seen and felt by others, it’s like catching a happy virus for which there no cure…thank God!

You are all beautiful to me, children. I see you in your purest manifestation, and the light you are is so magnificent that regardless of the physical body you currently inhabit, once you remember what I always see, your divinity, you will be at your most attractive (regardless of age, size, weight or any other factor!). Your inner light will burst forth and you will be transformed.

That is real beauty.



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