Self Destructive Behavior

Question: Sophia, would you speak about self destructive behavior—things like overeating, drinking too much, other addictive behaviors?

Sophia: We would say it is almost epidemic in your culture (as well as others). Many of you are cut off from who you are and because you do not know who you are, you do not love who you are. You choose a path of self destruction, rather than a life of expansion.

When you are cut off from yourself, you are cut off from Source energy. You do not know your place in the Universe. You know something is missing but you’re not sure what it is, and so there is a compulsion, an insatiable hunger or an insatiable thirst to fill up the emptiness with substances or other addictions. This is your attempt to give yourself what is missing, but when your behavior is out of control and destructive, the opposite is achieved and you find yourself even further removed from who you are.

When you are cut off from your emotional heart space, that is, when you do not know inner peace and do not even know what you are feeling, you may shove things into your body to keep the emptiness from bubbling up and overwhelming you, or do things to numb what you may only be able to call pain. You are trying to feed your soul but literally stuffing your emotions. You’ll never get there like that.

To move beyond a life controlled by substances or other addictive behavior takes courage, for you must be willing to make yourself your top priority…that is, love of self must become such a commitment that you are no longer willing to do anything that is destructive to your body, mind or soul.

And here’s the beautiful thing…you can make that commitment right now and everything that came before will lose its significance. Whatever you did to yourself in the past can be left in the past. This is the moment where you choose self…joy…life. Love is the highest emotion, the highest vibration you can experience on your planet, and so we ask you to truly love yourself first and foremost, as the spark of divine creation you are. Connect within. Then make the choices that support what is in your highest good. Every moment is a new opportunity. Pause before acting and feel what is your highest choice. You will know.

Make the commitment to yourself right here and now. “From this moment forward, I choose expansion.”

When you expand, your fullest expression is manifest. Watch how your beautiful life unfolds, moment by moment, through the loving choices you make. We, your guides and angels, are here to help.

And so it is.



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