The Records of Children

An early morning Akashic Record reading from a desperate mother leaves me astounded by this resource. When dealing with young children whose Records we cannot open, looking into the Records of the parent nonetheless offers plenty of guidance.

The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones circled ’round to enfold mother and child in a loving embrace of support that offered insight, suggestions for improvement and above all, hope. The deep and powerful love of this mother seemed to magnify as she spoke of her child’s struggles, and her desire to ease them. And so clear and steadfast were the Records as they revealed what lies behind the challenges and how to gently step beyond them. Their unconditional love and regard for the situation was equally there for the mother, with encouragement that she not leave herself out of any needed care.

The bible quotes Jesus as having said, “As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you.” The Akasha does that for us all and sometimes, it provides a missing piece to the puzzle.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.


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