Restlessness vs. Acceptance

Question: Sophia, I waiver between feeling fully peaceful and accepting all that is, to crawling out of my skin restlessness! HELP!

Sophia: Duality is like that! Exactly as you have described it. The key to overcoming this yo-yo effect is to stop trying so hard. Simply make the commitment that you will be a perfect reflection of peace from which you will not be distracted. This is what healing is…being a WHOLE person, a holy person, complete as you are, without question.

I hear your mind asking, but HOW? You are making a choice, you see. Soon you will realize that the moments when you are accepting of The All are so much easier on you than when you are not. And truly, this is regardless of what is going on in your surroundings, whatever your personal circumstances.

It amazes us that so many of you forget your true nature, even when all around you and in you are reminders of the divine being you are. So easily led off track, are some of you. Tsk, tsk! How silly of you to forget your inner child who simply wants to play. That’s your greatest antidote to seriousness and self-absorption, don’t you know? Go do something fun NOW. Get out of the house, away from your computer, into the sunshine, and connect again with who you are.

Get out of your head and into your heart.

And so it is (I need say no more!).



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