Movie About Channeling: Tuning In

Thought I’d give a short plug to a movie I bought and watched for the first time yesterday. I watched it twice in the same day, which I don’t think I’ve ever done before.

This film is called Tuning In and was directed by David Thomas and produced by Matthiew Klinck. It features prominent channelers in a series of interviews and channelings. The six people are Lee Carroll channeling Kryon, Darryl Anka with Bashar, Geoffrey Hoppe with Tobias, Shawn Randall with Torah, Wendy Kennedy with the Pleiadian Collective, and John Cali with Chief Joseph. I knew of three of these folks before I saw the movie.

What’s so remarkable is they were all interviewed separately, none knew in advance the questions that would be asked, and yet the similarities between their channeled information is striking, as if they’re speaking with one voice.

It gives me great comfort to realize that the information channeled through Divine Sophia is so similar in nature and scope. We’re all connected!



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