Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou?

Question: Sophia, where are all the good men looking for good women? I know quite a few middle aged women who are alone and wishing for partnership. Is marriage an outdated institution or does it still serve a purpose? Do middle aged men really only want younger women? Are we destined to be alone?

Sophia: Would that I had easy answers for your questions. In this time of planetary imbalance seeking to come into alignment, much is in a pattern of adjustment, including your relationships. Difficult as it may be at times, the solution is to be had in where you place your attention. If you focus most of your energy on what you do not have, you will surely continue to not have what you desire. Rather, feel what it will be like when you are in that partnership your heart yearns for. And feel whole now…do not wait. The truth is that you are perfect as you are, complete as you are, and in that knowingness, that state of being, you will most likely draw to you that which you would want anyhow…relationship with a man who is complete in his being as well. Anything less may only lead to sadness.

The Universe works in surprising ways. Just when you have given up all hope, all desire, along comes what you have yearned for all these years. Where he will come from is a mystery yet to be revealed, but trust that you are drawing near to each other right now. And how does that feel, to know that? Can you sense the joy?

Marriage is not for everyone…but as a reflection of love between two humans, there is no more beautiful choice when it is made between two people who know who they are alone, who value who they are individually, and who feel complete just as they are. Partnership certainly can make life more pleasurable and bring a myriad of experiences you don’t have on your own. So desiring that state is perfectly understandable, and we applaud your yearning to connect. But pay close attention to why you are desiring partnership. You cannot be made whole by another.

As to men of a certain age being more attracted to younger women, yes, that dynamic does exist, but are you, as a woman who has much to offer in the way of wisdom and caring (that a younger woman may not necessarily yet embody), open to a man who may be quite a bit younger than you? Do you see that that is a way of bringing the planet into balance as well? Remain open to someone who comes to you outside the expected norms, and judge not.

There will be those friends who never find the partnership they seek but it does not require you to be alone. Come together with others for whom this remains a desire as well, but find joy in your community rather than using those connections to bemoan your state…to dredge up emotions related to that which you lack. For surely you understand that the Law of Attraction really does exist. If your attention is on lack, you will continue to lack. Rather, open yourself to allowing the Universe to bring you your heart’s desire, feel it as a fait accompli but be at peace with what is, and encourage others in your situation to do the same. It will help the balance to be…

And so it is, dear daughters.



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