Shades of Edgar Cayce

I have been doing readings and BodyTalk for a client for about a year and a half. I’m not the only practitioner she’s been working with, but it’s been fascinating to watch and participate in her road to recovery. Initially I kept the modalities distinct when assisting my client (I’ll call her Ann); I would do either an Akashic Record reading or a BodyTalk session. Eventually I began opening her Records at the start of the BodyTalk session and used the assistance of the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLOs) to move the session forward and to provide any additional information they chose to share.

More recently, Ann has become even more involved in the sessions by asking progressively deeper questions about things that are going on with her. She is someone I greatly admire because she has endured more trauma than ten people put together, and she hasn’t let it beat her…she hasn’t given up, even though many people would have.

She and I are astounded by what’s happening as these sessions are evolving into specific protocols to address her (now mostly) physical challenges. And the things that are coming up are being verified by other healthcare practitioners who know nothing about the sessions we’ve been having. They are recommending the same things that the MTLOs have suggested.

I have tended to steer clear of health issues and to be very careful about what I say when people are asking about their health, because I’ve been somewhat afraid to fully trust this. Ann has helped me move past that over these last months as I’m realizing how profoundly helpful the information is to her, providing her a clear path toward improved quality of life. And because Ann is very involved in her sessions and the most active questioner I’ve worked with, we’re both realizing how important it is for the reader to be free to be the vehicle for the information, in partnership with the client who speaks readily about her concerns and desires. It is Ann’s active presence during the sessions that moves this forward. Together, we’re developing plans for how to help others with what we’re discovering.


In 2005 when my life so radically changed, when I was sure that my illness was leading to imminent death, a loving friend gave me a distance Reconnective Healing (which I wasn’t told about!). I very suddenly experienced things I never imagined possible, one of which was being “visited” by a number of spirits of people I had admired (Jeshua, first and foremost). This time in my life coincided with miraculous healing that led me to leave the hurry-scurry pace of the corporate world I’d been so identified with in order to begin my journey as a healing facilitator. Among the presences that came to me back then was Edgar Cayce.

I did not know who he was and had no clue why he was in my apartment (!), but he was there nonetheless. I’ve never spoken publicly about this until recently, but what I can see now (20-20 hindsight being the great illuminator) is that he was foreshadowing the work that I would come to do.

When I asked him who he was and why he was here, he simply chuckled. I distinctly heard the sound of an old man’s somewhat high-pitched laughter and then reassurance that it would all eventually be clear to me. In the weeks that followed, during which I continued to exhibit some rather startling manifestations of healing, he would now and again make his presence known.

My readings of late feel imbued with his essence. He is clearly among my group of Teachers and while he does not “do” the readings, I feel his inspiration. So if you are exploring your own Records, I encourage you to continue your practice and to find joy in the development of your relationship to the entire group of MTLOs. You never know how you might be able to truly help another, and in the process, help yourself.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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