The Horse Boy

Last night on PBS, I watched a movie called “The Horse Boy” which features the parents of an autistic boy named Rowan. It may still be in rotation on PBS, so you might want to check your local schedule.

Rowan’s folks live in Elgin (outside Austin) and went to great extremes to try to help their son. They took Rowan all the way to Mongolia, to the furthest reaches, via plane, van and horseback, and what they experienced along the way is sometimes terribly painful, yet often times awe-inspiring to watch. Accessing the healing abilities of shamans as well as Rowan’s love of horses, they were successful in helping him achieve some relief. Rowan is not a fully functioning “normal” child (whatever that might be), but he definitely went through remarkable changes and seemed more at peace and far more engaged by the end of the journey.

The movie has me reflecting on the work I do and on how we define healing. For certain clients, it’s enough that some degree of improvement is gained. For others, a more complete and perhaps dramatic healing is the only thing that will satisfy. I waffle between those sides of the continuum myself at times, and while I don’t fully understand why energy work “works,” I’m grateful it’s a choice I have. Perhaps some day soon, we’ll know much more and these “alternative” forms of healing won’t require a trip to the outer reaches of our planet, but will be known and valued as mainstream medicine.


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