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If you’ve been thinking about taking the Austin Akashic Records classes with Linda Howe, now is the time to act. The Beginner class starts the night of Friday, May 14th and goes through Saturday. The Advanced class is on Sunday the 16th.

To quote Linda: “It has been particularly meaningful for me to teach people how to become both spiritually independent and Divine-reliant at the same time.” This is a tool you can learn to access for yourself (and others, if you wish) to help you in very practical terms.


On YouTube you can watch a series of videos featuring Linda Howe speaking about the Akashic Records. They will give you a better idea of what the Records are and how they can be utilized.


Question: Sophia, there has been a catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf, off the coast of Louisiana. What, if anything, can we do to help?

SOPHIA: Beloveds, here is a wonderful opportunity to stretch the boundaries of your beliefs. You can and do have an impact on the planet, both good and not so good, and here’s a chance to move from the anger you feel about what occurred, to the joy you can feel when your intention is for healing.

Sit with eyes closed and let your mind go quiet. Take a few moments and breathe into your heart, summoning the love and gratitude that resides therein. With hands on your thighs and palms turned up, receive and notice the sensations in your palms. Awareness fully engaged, begin to focus on the waters of the Gulf and imagine that you are seeing the extent of the oil spill. Give this a few moments. Now allow your heart to join with the creatures of the sea and let them know that you are here to help.

With eyes closed and a laser-like focus, use your imagination to see the oil starting to easily dissipate. If you like, you can imagine hordes of little Pac-men gliding through the waters chewing up the oil, and no matter how much they eat, they have appetite for more! We will join with you in your concentrated efforts, to assist the power of your intention. Do this for a few minutes.

As a final step, think of all those who are involved in the catastrophe, those who were part of the initial cause and those who are scrambling to help. Energetically extend your forgiveness and compassion to that entire group, and be at peace with what is. Before you open your eyes and return to the room, take a moment to give thanks for the bounty of your planet, and receive ours for your desire to help heal what has been harmed.

Is this simple way, you can and will effect change. And so it is, dear ones…

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.


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