The Spirit of God is Upon Me

Question: What happens to me when I feel that overwhelming connection with Spirit, when my tears flow as my heart fills near to bursting, and I am overcome with gratitude?

Sophia: You are connecting with HOME. It is a deep, deep place of knowing, where you are seen for the divine reflection you really are…where there is no separation and all is one.

Imagine now, if you will, that your brothers and sisters are experiencing the same vibration of Universal Love that you describe. Can you see how different your world might be? Within that feeling of bountiful love and appreciation, anything and everything is possible. Filled with the Sprit of Mother Father God, joined together with us in peace and harmony, you go forth to spread your joy to others.

Sweet, sweet Spirit. YOU are the one we are calling to. Come home…right here on Earth.

(With thanks to Rickie Byars Beckwith, for her inspirational music)

Healing Facilitator


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