Tiny, Mad Idea

Question: If I am an individual Soul and yet we are all One, what am I seeing when I’m in my Records? Why does it even matter who I am, what my problems and questions are, if the idea that I’m a separate and unique being doesn’t jibe with what I’ve learned in A Course in Miracles and other similar teachings that I revere?

Masters, Teaches, Loved Ones: First we would like to say that there is no contradiction. Oh, we understand that the busy human mind seeks to make logical, linear sense of things grand that cannot be explained by constricting them into smaller “manageable and limited” form. But it is, in fact, the case that you and your brothers are One. You have simply forgotten this Truth and created a rather elaborate movie that shows you the multiple ways in which you appear to be separate and unique. But when you begin the  journey within, when you seek out the Source to shine its Light, in this case through the Pathway Prayer Process into the Heart of the Records, you start to see the celluloid for the made-up story it is.

We answer your questions in a way that will ring true to you, even if you can’t perfectly recollect the information we are sharing, and even if you still don’t fully understand the how. Every experience in the Records, and this realm really is every experience, serves but one purpose: to re-unite you with the Truth that you and the Father are One. An Akashic Record foray is a tool to help you find the way back to Self. We show you snippets of lives past and future to help you remember your Divinity, because the struggles that you bring to us, the questions that plague you, all share a common origin.

The “tiny, mad idea” that led to the thought of separation (which is ultimately what your perceived struggles are all about) is but a wisp of meaningless smoke that the pure breeze of the Records gently blows away. Every struggle, every story, every question is really the same: Help me to know that I never really separated from God in the first place.

When you are…when you are fully present in your state of BEing-ness, all questions disappear…all details of history disappear. This calm state of knowingness can be accessed by way of the Prayer.

It doesn’t matter how you remember, just that you remember.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

HCC-Austin Chapter President


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