Unrequited Love

Question: Once again I find myself in a situation where I feel love for someone who does not return it in the same way. What am I to learn from this pattern and how do I free myself from it so that I may experience true, requited love?

Sophia: Child, how do you know that your love is unrequited? Perhaps what you are dealing with is someone who does not yet understand the gift that is before him. I will ask you to be patient…all is not as it seems. Your hearts already beat as one…can you understand this? There is a resonance between you that is already in flow, and it will grow stronger with time if you allow it to blossom in its own season.

You have already tried to remove yourself from him and have been only partially successful. Still you find your thoughts upon him and I can assure you, his are upon you as well.

Being who you are now, with what you have come through, I will attempt to provide you some assurance that you are in fact NOT in the same pattern you have been in in the past. What is different this time is that he, the object of your affections, is the perfect mirror to allow you to see what you desire and to show you that the beauty reflected back to you is truly your pure nature. I know you do not understand this yet. He is a perfect reflection for you, else you would not be so twitterpated!

Regardless of the outcome of this situation, know that there are various forms of love and that which you seek may yet come to fruition. But if it does not with this particular man, rest assured that giving your energy to this is not for naught. This will bring you much in the way of learning and self education. Your higher self, your soul, knows this to be true.

We cannot force another to love us. We can only be open enough to offer the love we are and have and see who comes into our field…like a bee to honey.

Be at peace, my daughter, for I am watching over you and this situation. In this time of coming balance, wherein the masculine and feminine within each of you is coming closer into perfect harmony, opportunities for great joy through connection are at hand. Be at peace with what is…be grateful that he has stirred your heart (and other body parts) and be as unattached to forcing an outcome as you can possibly be.

I know your deepest desires, child. You are blessed.



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