Visit from Archangel Michael

While in the midst of a distance session for a 12 year old boy in California, I received a visit from Archangel (AA) Michael. This wasn’t the first time I’d connected with his energy, but it was the first time he came to me while I was doing a healing session for someone else.

What AA Michael told me is that I am helping to prepare this youngster for his role as a future lightworker. He went on to say that this boy has taken on many of the challenges seen in today’s youth: unexplainable depression at an early age, anxiety, problems dealing with school and lack of self-confidence, all while having a brilliant mind and wonderful family support.

More and more I’m hearing from parents whose children are challenged with things that seem to originate without rhyme or reason. And the frustration they experience with a school system that doesn’t know what to do with their child is palpable. Are we moving beyond the Indigo Children phenomenon and into something else in regards to shifts in the way our children are entering into and being in the world?

Energy healing through modalities such as those I am working with do seem to be making a difference, and it seems that the work itself is changing in relation to the demands that people are presenting with. It’ll be interesting to see how my work continues to develop and what will happen in the life of my young client as a result of what we’re doing together.

I love helping young people and I applaud the parents who have the courage to try new ways to help their kids. Let’s hope the school systems start to catch on…



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