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I was a presenter at a seminar last weekend called “New Possibilities” and with a name like that, I should have known there’d be some surprises!

One of those was named Reggie. Reggie was “volunteered” to lie on the table for a Reconnective Healing demonstration. As usual, I didn’t know anything about her “challenges” but did notice that she walked with a cane…not that I paid any attention to that when I went into the session. What I noticed almost immediately was that something profound was happening behind Reggie’s closed eyes.

Since we were butting up against the lunch break and because I could see that this was a deeply personal experience for Reggie, I suggested the group go to lunch and I stayed with Reggie a while longer, encouraging her to go with what was happening and to allow the tears to flow. There wasn’t much for me to do except observe because Reggie and Source were clearly in the driver’s seat!

A few minutes later when the session was “over” (though the frequencies keep doing their thing!), I went to lunch with Reggie and a couple other seminar participants. It was clear that she was already experiencing improvement in the way she walked and climbed the stairs, and that she was quite overwhelmed by the changes. Reggie was kind enough to tell the seminar attendees what happened when we got back.

Here are some of her own words about what too place that weekend:

When the afternoon events ended, the idea of crowds and dinner and conversation was just too much for me, and I decided to swim. I have not gone swimming since before the car accident. I had the pool to myself, and got in the water and swam and swam and swam. Every stroke I tried worked! I had to adjust my side stroke so the drop foot was on the top, but I was used to doing it on either side. Everything else was perfect. I started with laps and by the time I was ready to stop I had just been circling around and around the pool. I looked at the clock…90 minutes had gone by. I don’t know where I found the energy! I floated on the water for a bit and let it support all of me, wash me away in its gentle rocking. I went back up to my room, showered and slept.

When I woke up the next morning, the “old”, the “tired”, the “clumsy” was gone even before I put my first foot out of bed. I walked out of the room forgetting my cane and truth be told I have not used my cane since…it will be 7 days tomorrow. When I got back in my car after I went home, I took my handicapped sticker and put it in my glove box and I have not used it. Not that I am trying not to, it is just not who I am anymore.

I will post Reggie’s full testimonial on my site soon so that you can read about the ordeal she’s been through over the last years, but mostly so you can understand just how far she’s come in the blink of an eye.

She walked into the seminar one way, and walked out entirely different…a life filled with “new possibilities.”

Maria Benning

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., FPRH

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