What? Me Worry?

Question: Sophia, I’ve been experiencing the reemergence of some formerly unhealthy habits. But I’m wondering if there is something good coming out of this because it also feels a bit different.

Sophia: Something within you was triggered emotionally and you reverted to old patterns of behavior. What to do? Beat yourself over the head and shoulders? We think not.

Rather, know that it is indeed different this time. Think of it this way: you have been asking for change and what you’ve been experiencing has been nothing short of breathtaking. It creates a bit of unsteadiness on the feet, but only briefly. Your old memories, deep within your DNA, deep within your established patterns, are scrambling in a beautiful dance of transformation. Temporarily, they are fighting to stay the same, but it’s impossible. What’s being crystallized is like the photos from your Dr. Emoto—you are emerging as a beautiful snowflake, reflecting the vibration of love!

You know, on some level, that a major step in your evolution is underway. You are in your own cycle of creativity but it is related to what is going on around you: deeply entrenched systems are shifting into something new, filled with grand potential for the greater good. It is all connected. You are all connected.

Nothing to worry about. Nothing to do…or undo.



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