Wowie, Zowie, Howie!

I was called by a 70 year old gentleman who found my name on the practitioner directory for The Reconnection. We talked quite a long while, like we were old friends, but he decided to find a practitioner closer to his home in the South Bay, rather than driving an hour to see me (I’d have done the same!). Howie is preparing to get trained as a Reconnective Healer himself and needs The Reconnection before he can complete his Level 3 training. I was very impressed with him starting something new in his life and also with his joie de vivre, after a life of more than the usual challenges and loss.

I got another call from Howie telling me he’d decided to come see me after all. We spoke on the phone for quite a while again and then made an appointment for him to come for a session.

This morning he arrived and before we started, he wanted to tell me about something really unexpected that had happened. For 30 years he has been suffering with back problems and a diagnosis of prolapsed (slipped) discs—something he’d once considered having surgery for. Pain was something Howie simply accepted and believed he’d always have to live with. But after we got off the phone he realized that something was very, very different—he wasn’t hurting anymore! He had had a healing!

As he told me this story this morning, the both of us were in tears. This isn’t the first time I’ve been a part of such a healing, but it’s always unexpected and always so humbling. And when it happens without a formal session, when it comes through simply from being exposed to this Reconnective Healing energy, it’s a bit like a Twilight Zone moment…you wonder: is this real, and if so, how in the world does something like this happen? And of course, there’s only one answer: divine intervention!

Maria Benning

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., FPRH

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