Brotherly Love

I was talking to my youngest brother and getting the latest on Big T (improvements are still slow, but sure) when the conversation went in a different direction. He began telling me how my distance healing sessions on behalf of him and his wife have impacted them.

In particular, my brother told me that he no longer reacts in the same way that he used to—that he is able to handle things so much better now. He said he doesn’t look at the negative anymore but rather, sees the proverbial glass as half full. I wondered whether that isn’t just a natural outcome, given what he has been through with his mother-in-law and how he’s seen it affect her daughter—his wife.

But I’ve heard similar stories from other clients.

My brother then told me about a physical healing he’s had. For a great many years, he has been plagued with neck problems which degenerated into two vertebrae nearly fusing together. At times, he walked with a pronounced crooked gait. Much to the surprise of his chiropractor, recent x-rays show that he now has normal spacing between those two vertebrae, and my brother is delightedly symptom and pain-free.

He then went on to tell me that his wife is enjoying a new-found connection to Spirit, to God—and that her years’ long aversion to religion in general is shifting. Again, given what her mother has been through, this might not be so unusual. But my brother and sister-in-law definitely credit Reconnective Healing with these changes.

So who am I to argue?

Maria Benning

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., FPRH

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