3rd Time’s a Charm

I facilitated a distance Reconnective Healing session for someone today and it was his first encounter with this work. While the session was underway, I felt fully engaged and enjoyed watching what my hands were doing on the client’s behalf. I definitely felt a connection with him. As per usual, I called the client a few minutes after I stopped the session to see what his experience was. There wasn’t really a lot to report.

You’d think I’d know by now not to get too attached to what someone is experiencing, but I can’t say it’s always easy. Someone finds me on the internet, through my TV show, through the directory, or just by word of mouth, and they put their faith and trust in me by paying me for this service I provide. And when they don’t feel much, I sometimes feel disappointed, even though it’s not about me. This session was for them, and whatever role I get to play is not that important. Their experience is their own. But why, if there aren’t bells and whistles, do I feel like I failed somehow? That’s silly, isn’t it?

So I come back to trusting the process. Dr. Pearl talks about the need for us to see the process through to completion. Three sessions are recommended for a reason, and I am reminding myself, by writing about this topic, that it’s important that I trust that as well. After three years of doing this work with hundreds of people, I know that often times, the 3rd session’s the charm. The first one may seem uneventful, the second one may as well, but there really is something magical about that third session.

I was doing a bit of research on the spiritual numerology of “three” and read that it typically symbolizes reward and success in most undertakings. I found another site that describes the biblical meanings of numbers. Here’s something interesting:

“Three, stands for that which is solid, real, substantial, complete, and entire. God’s attributes are three: omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. There are three great divisions completing time–past, present, and future.”

Hmmmm…much food for thought. Certainly Reconnective Healing doesn’t take place without God or Source. When I do a session, that energy in my hands is very strong, very real, and absolutely substantial. And it’s my experience that time really does change once we’re reconnected, like we participate somehow differently with it (the quantum physicists are researching this and can speak more eloquently than I am doing here). But I’m starting to really understand the value of completing three sessions.

See the process through…it really is worth the investment.

Maria Benning

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., FPRH

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