A Call to Serve

Question: Sophia, I believe I’m being called to serve in Africa. This opportunity has just opened up and it’s what I’ve dreamed about for several years now. Is this the right time to go?

Sophia: Ah…Daughter. How excited are you about the possibilities? The fact that you have awakened in the night, unable to sleep for the energy moving through your body and the thoughts flying around your head, would seem to be a good indicator, do you agree?

Nothing need be decided this moment, but allow yourself to remove any and all obstacles from the realm of possibilities and answer me: Where does this leave you? If none of the worries were present and you could simply BE with imagining yourself there, doing the healing work you love so much, working with the children you desire so deeply to help, how does that feel?

Do you think you have awakened to this degree, reconnected with the angelic realms who are here in support of you, been gifted with these healing abilities, only to move slowly through the world, offering the chance for transformation yet feeling as if it’s not enough? Not reaching enough people, not having enough of an impact, not happening quickly enough?

These erroneous thoughts nevertheless speak of your desire to do more. Let us first assure you that you have impacted and helped a great many these last few years. But all of this has prepared you for a wider reach, and you are creating this. You have drawn it to you. The times you spent working directly (from a distance) on behalf of Africa have drawn this opening to you. The times you fell to your knees in grief at the plight of children in Africa have drawn this to you. And the desire to do more, more, more for the world has drawn this to you.

Take your time. Learn all you can about this opportunity. Use your discriminating mind to discern whether this is a good fit for you at this time in your life. And above all, bring all those possibilities down into your heart, go still within, feel our presence, and decide.

You have nothing to fear, child. We are with you, either way.

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